5 Effective Ways to Building an Audience for Your Food Blog

There is nothing more frustrating than spending hours in the kitchen, experimenting with ingredients to create that killer recipe post only to see the analytics not changing days after posting. Well, you are not alone. Every blogger has had that feeling.

With over thousands of food blogs registered and competing, you need much more than writing awesome content to stand out and get read. Here are some effective ways to building an audience for your blog, consistently. 

1. Focus on the images

They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” this old adage is especially true when it comes to a food blog. In fact, one of the best ways to drive traffic to a food blog is through the photographs of the food you are making.

And the best place to start promoting your blog using images is Pinterest. But the primary thing one needs to keep in mind while using this tool is to make sure that you have good, quality images. If you have pictures that look delicious and inviting, you can significantly increase the traffic to your site. 

2. Submit your pictures to food porn websites

Food p0rn sites such as Taste Spotting, Food Gawker, Foodepix, Tasteologie, Foodie Portal and many more are really great sources for driving traffic to your blog.

Those who find your blog through these websites are not just casual or accidental surfers, they are there looking for food related stuff.

While getting your images accepted to these sites is no small challenge, you can be sure that these are more discerning readers with high chances of them following your blog.

3. Target a more specific audience

Getting more specific with your recipe posts is a sure shot way to build a niche audience. For instance, there are countless of food blogs out there, but how many of them specialize is baking with sugar substitutes? Find a niche or a sub-niche you can really invest your time and energy in, and you will without a doubt build a loyal audience that will share your content for you.

4. Keep it natural

It’s very important to present your content in your natural voice. Stuffing in unnecessary adjectives to create a poetic description of a recipe will only have your readers running. You don’t have to be elegant or pretentious when describing your recipes.

Just keep it natural and write as you would if you were commenting on the dish at the dinner table. If you are really passionate about a particular topic and your write-up sounds exciting to you, chances are it will be the same for your readers too.

5. Consistency is the key

You know that you need to publish quality content on your blog. But it’s also crucial to post that quality content regularly. Whether it’s thrice a week or thrice a month, your readers have to know when to expect new content on your site.

Consistency will not only help you attract more audience to your blog but will also help you keep them plugged. Once the audience will learn that your site is a resource for a particular topic that’s updated regularly they will keep checking back if they enjoy what they read.

For sure, page views aren’t the end of blogging, but these numbers are really important, particularly if you plan to make a living off your blog. So keep these 5 tips in mind in order to  create a food blog other foodies will love.

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