Top 10 Delhi Food Bloggers That You NEED To Follow

Eating tasty food is the primary right of every person. Your tongue satisfies if you test delicious food which you haven’t tested before.  And if you’re living in Delhi then you may be fond of a foodie guy. Delhi is heaven for different types of delicious unique foods and yummy dishes. You can find a variety at small street food to big branded restaurants in Delhi.

The citizens of Delhi are well known for their food habits. Foreign cooking items are also popular along with Indian cookery. The food habits have created unique cooking which became popular internationally with dishes such as biryani, Kebab, tandoori. Classic dishes contain butter chicken, shahi paneer, dal makhani, aloo chaat, chaat, kachori, gol gappe, dahi bhalla, samosa, chole bhature, gulab jamun, chole kulche, jalebi and lassi.

The lifestyle of this metro city encouraged the expansion of street foods. The craze of the local Dhaba party has increased amongst the youngsters. Branded Pizza shop, coffee and Chinese restaurant chains and their franchisees are increased from the last 2 decades. Chandni Chowk’s Paranthe Wali Gali has been serving since the 1870s. You will easily find unique fast food stalls or street vendors everywhere. 

But it’s impossible to visit every part of 1484 square km area city to review their foods. Thank god now we have social media from where we know food places to visit for their yummy speciality. I am going to describe the top 10 Delhi foodies bloggers.

1 Pinky Yadav (

Pinky Yadav is running since 2015 which is all about different food adventures and stories. In his youtube channel you can find videos of popular Delhi food culture. Generally he reviews for pocket friendly foods. 

Her motive is to connect people with food. He is always searching for great food and shares it with people via Rasbhari, exploration of different areas and cuisines, popular and reliable social media channels, and events with a larger reach. She always gets attention for his new content from food enthusiasts of all kinds- Delhi residents, tourists, experts, food adventurers and restaurants.

Rasbhari conduct food expeditions to delight and interact with the fellow food fans. You can connect Pinky at, & to get updated regularly.

2 Subhneet Jain

Indian street foods are the most favourite for this foodie guy. According to him, to start a food blog you need passion for eating. Currently he is running V FOR VEGGIE to review delicious foods locations. He is doing V blogging since last 

Shubhneet Jain loves to spend time searching yummy delight foods. He is a simple guy who sees the positivity in everything. He started with food blogging in his second year of college, Blogger V For Veggie was always passionate about food and wanted to visualize the unknown, so Shubhneet started with food walks in the streets of Old Delhi. To get regular updates you can connect him at v for vegiie.

3 Isha Saxena and Sankalp Sharma

They both are running a blog named Chomp Slurrp Burp. Basically their blog shares stories of popular eating places. And explanation of the recipes to prepare yummy dishes and food like a restaurant and street vendors at home. They both write for food and travel for delicious meals. 

They have separate instagram accounts named as Crittertank, magnumtank

4 Sanya Aneja

She is fond of testing new delicious foods. Her blog name newdelhifoodblogger clearly indicates that this blog is made for food updates and gives information about what to have, where to have, price, service etc in Delhi. She was inspired to run such a blog by writing reviews on zomato and upload pictures on Instagram.

Mostly below 30 years age group youngsters are her audience who like to read and watch about delicious food , hidden gems, street food , elite food , info about new lounges /clubs opening , about to happen food fest details and what not to miss.

5 Aruna Bansal

Aruna Bansal is hosting foodiearuna on Instagram, as her name suggests she is a foodie girl. She loves to cook and eat. Generally she posts about home cooked food, breakfast, easy lunch recipes, and dinner. She created her blog in 2014 when she was watching T20 cricket match without any intention.

She was noticed by Zomato users after trustworthy food reviews and became a verified member. She posts about healthy foods so her followers are belonging to all age group and gender.

6 Hina Bisht 

Fun Food Frolic blog is running by this Food Lover & Creator. She posts about Indian affordable testy and healthy foods. She runs Eat Blog Talk podcast too. She tries to make homemade meals more tasteful in the kitchen. She posts her video and food items regularly on her social media walls.

In her previous profession she was a bored banker. Her own everyday kitchen stories inspired her to start her own blog and turn her professional foodie blogger from banker.


As per her blog name in instagram, she is a beautiful foodie girl based from Delhi. She posts all of her food related images and videos at beautifulfoodie and ManmeetKaur. 

As a profession Manmeet Kaur is a digital marketing expert who likes to visit places, dining at every possible avenue, reviewing food and places. From her blog she encourages her followers to visit delicious cafe/restaurant/food joint places.

8 Winston Raja

Basically Mr Raja belongs to south India and lives in Delhi. He runs thedebonairmaven instagram account. He was nominated for Indian Food Blogger Awards 2017 and B. A. R. Awards 2019 for his foodie blog. His real name is Winton Thomas and he is a BBA, MBA graduate. 

Passion over cooking converted him into yummy breakfast, meal and drinks content writer. He posts about restaurants at different levels of his own scales. His mother’s interesting food recipe inspired him to start his blog. 

9 Natasha

She spends time in her kitchen to prepare unique yummy recipes and share them at Tasha’s Artisan Foods. She updates her ideas over facebook, pinterest and instagram social media too. 

She posts for quick homemade healthy recipes. Her posts are easy and delicious recipes for the home baker- healthy, happy, sometimes indulgent, scrumptious, simple eating, made with seasonal and wholesome ingredients. She is a food blogger, food photographer and new food developer. She posts endless baked goods, healthy meal variation, fresh produce galore, Indian dishes, and inspiring yummy food recipes.

10 Nikhil Kamth

He is the founder of Salt and Pepper Food Guide based from Delhi. He was part of music band and passionate about food, music, writing, comedy and story-telling. He started his passion for food writing in 2011 when he was 15 years old. 

He is a mentor for Blogging, Content Writing and Novel Writing with MyCaptain by The Climberand and Atal Innovation Mission under Niti Aayog. He is expert in life skills tutoring and guide students through the struggle they face.

Nikhil has worked with Human Circle, Authenticook, etc. and knowledge of talent and Product Management, Business Development, PR and Outreach etc. He works with many organisations in developing various programs and collaborations as a Consultant. He worked with popular brands like Britannia, Nearbuy, Jet Airways, Sony Pix and many more in creating online content for them. 

Bonus Blogger

Hey Delhi

Apart from top 10 blogger, hey Delhi is Delhi based Foodie blogger too. The owner of this blog yet not found but Hey Delhi updates almost in regularly from the owner.  This is the blog all about travelling with food. They post about yummy foods wherever they visit within Delhi city. Popular street vendors dishes are their speciality. 

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