4 Quick Hacks to Write Better Headlines for Your Food Blog

Its one thing to write great post, but it’s another thing to get your content read and ranked- which is where nailing the headlines comes in. In fact, the title is arguably more important than the post body itself. After all, who cares how great the article is if no one even reads it?

Headlines are what sell the content. They represent it in social media, search engine, and in email. So, the next time you are working on a new food post, consider using these tips and tricks for writing a killer captivating headline.

1. Use Numbers

Starting the headline with a digit helps it to stand out. Just like the human eye is drawn to contrasting colors, we are also naturally drawn to the combination of numbers resting beside the text. Moreover, a list also gives audience a clearer idea of what to expect in the post, along with a promising quick, scan-friendly read. No wonders why a huge majority of viral posts are list style. Here are some catchy words to add with the numbers:

  • Reasons
  • Ways
  • Tips
  • Tricks
  • Secrets
  • Ideas
  • Techniques

2. Use some interesting adjectives

One of the easiest ways to transform the blog titles from boring to clickable is with the use of eye-catching adjectives. Use your creativity and don’t settle for the mundane. Branch out into the exotic in order to make your content really stand out in this world full of noise. In other words, create an intriguing title to have your readers through. Here are some examples of headlines that almost guarantee to immediately get clicked. 

  • You won’t believe how effective this weight loss recipe is!
  • How to eat dessert and still stay skinny

3. Define what the post is about

While pros swear by creating a mysterious and intriguing title, make sure never to leave your audience hanging without a clue as to what to expect from your blog post. The article headline needs to clearly convey what you will be covering in the post. Remember, no one is going to click on a vague title. Given below is an example:

Bad Headline: Best Chicken Recipe

Good Headline: Easy Roasted Chicken Recipe You Need to Try

4. Keep it short

While no one size fits all is the answer to how long or short the blog post title should be it’s a good idea to keep it under Google’s display limit of 70 characters. This will ensure that it will show in its full glory in the SERPs and encourage the surfers to click on it. A headline of this length can also fit comfortably into a tweet. According to many professional bloggers, an ideal headline should be 8 words or less, which is a good rule of thumb. Having said that, if your post title needs to be longer than suggested to get that perfect blend of engaging the visitor and setting their expectations, just do it!

Just a few minor, strategic word changes can make a huge difference between an uninspiring blog post headline and an engaging one. Concentrate on these tips and you will get more readers, buzz, and love.

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