5 Tips on How to Take Photographs for Your Food Blog

For sure, professional camera and lenses can make taking a great photograph of food a lot easier, but that does not mean it’s necessary for the process.

These days, even a smart phone can yield stunning, high quality images, provided you know how to apply the technology you have.

More than anything it’s an understanding of what it takes to shoot an appealing image together with the confidence to perform the task. Here are some tips that will help you get great results for your food blog.

1. Use Natural Lighting 

Good lighting is one of the most important criteria for great photography. Treat the food you are photographing as would any other still life object and ensure that it’s properly lit. One of the best places to take food pictures is by the window where there is plenty of natural light. It will lend your food a bright, natural glow that indoor lighting typically does not.

2. Pay attention to the props

While your audience may only notice the props on a sub conscious level, the choice of plate, cutlery, tablecloth all contribute to the mood and success of the shot.

Don’t clutter the image with a full table setting but do consider one or two extra elements like a fork, glass, napkin, or a flower.

3. Be prepared for the shoot

Food does not keep its appetising looks for long so you need to be well prepared in advance so that you can take pictures soon after it’s been cooked.

In fact, before you even start cooking, have everything positioned exactly the way you want in the photo. This includes the props, the serving dish, lighting equipment, and a stand-in plate.

Then when the actual dish is ready you can simply switch the stand-in plate with the real food and voila you are all set to start shooting.

4. Enhance the dish

Garnishing like adding herbs, toppings, and condiments is a great way to dress up a boring dish, even the ugliest ones. But make sure to carefully think about the colors that will enhance it, and that the garnishes you put make sense.

There is nothing more damaging than an ingredient that does not belong, no matter how beautiful it looks. Secret tip: have some vegetable oil on hand to brush it over food. This will make your dish glisten in the shots.

5. Style it

The way the dish is set out on the plate is as essential as the way you photograph it. If a dish on a plate appears flat, consider having someone hold a spoonful out or lift a fork, and focus on that. However, make sure that their fingers are clean and well-manicured.

Taking a bite out of a hamburger or scattering a few crumbs in the foreground is also a great way to create a sense of activity that will only make the food in the photographs appear more desirable.

Taking great photographs for your food blog is no rocket science. All it takes is some basic understanding and practice to click mouthwatering food images. Hope the above tips and tricks will help you master the game of food photography.

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