Top 20 Food Bloggers in India to Follow

India is a country known for its food and cuisine all over this blue planet. In old days this land was one of the main exporters of spices and herbs. The country is big enough consisting a great diversity which also reflects in its food. You will get to witness countless recipes throughout the country.

The food industry has evolved a lot and has also been digitalized. Now you can order and pay for your favorite eatables just from sitting on your couch watching TV. Your food will be delivered to your doorsteps in minutes. The way of learning cooking has also changed and now it is possible to know the steps to prepare your food through multiple social media, live streaming, and blogging networks all thanks to hundreds of food bloggers.

Today we are going to mention some of the top 20 food bloggers of India whom you can follow and learn cooking easily. For some of them sharing their best cooking tips and secrets are just a hobby and for others, it’s a way of making their bread and butter.

Let’s start,

1. Pinky Yadav (

Starting this list with one of the most prominent female food bloggers of India and the name is Pinky Yadav. She is a Delhi-based blogger who loves to share her best cooking tips and recipes through her blog “”. As per Pinky, she had learned most of her cooking post marriage and she shares what she had learned with her followers and readers via her blog and multiple social media accounts.

2. Ankiet Gulabani

The young and dynamic individual figure of the Indian food blogging industry, Ankiet stands high among others in the crowd. He has worked with a lot of digital media companies including Mumbai Mirror, The East Post, etc, and had started his blog named “”. Ankeit loves traveling to new places and also shares his experience with his readers over his personal blog.

3. Sharmilee

Sharmilee is no shyer when it comes to cooking and I personally adore her for having such great cooking skills and talent. Before becoming a full-time housewife and mother of two, she was working as a technical account manager in an IT firm. She left her job for her passion for cooking, blogging, and of course family.

This Coimbatore, India-based food blogger had a keen interest in cooking since childhood and as per Sharmilee, she learned a lot about cooking and food from her mother. She owns a blog called “” where you can find her dispensing her work and ideas with her audience.

4. Anushruthi

This Mumbai based food blogger blend ancient Ayurveda into its cooking and offers sattvic recipes. She owns some other talents other than cooking such as photography, writing, recipe creation, and also work as a nutrition advisor. She has been proudly featured in the WSJ blog, BBC’s Goof Food, and many other world-renowned publications.

She had been awarded for her contribution to the Indian food blogging industry and the amazing work she is doing via her blog “”. She has an audience base from more than 150 countries and actively shares her cooking ideas, experience, and skills through multiple social media channels too.

5.Deeba Rajpal

This wonderful lady is awesome at baking and doing it for more than 15 years. She had worked with a lot of publications and world-renowned chefs during her blogging journey. If you are a newbie at blogging but want to bake something awesome, then you will find Deeba’s blog very useful and worthy. She actively shares her daily life incidents and baking tips via her personal food blog “”.


Popularly known as Nags among her readers, Nagalakshmi is one of the few bloggers in the industry who interact more with their readers. She is always ready to help and respond to queries and comments. She is basically from Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu but moved to Kerala with her parents a couple of years ago. Nags owns a blog called “” where she shares her best cooking tips, personal life incidents, travel journeys, and other life experiences.

7.Padhu Sankar

If you want to do vegetarian cooking then Padhu could be the best advisor you will get. She will guide you in learning some basic cooking things, simple recipes, gardening, and the cherry on the cake she also shares best and tried beauty tips too. Padhu has a great love for gardening and owns a small but productive kitchen garden too.

She also shares her views, experience, and tips on her YouTube channel. Padhu is an active social media user and utilizes this resource in order to connect with her followers and readers. If you are looking for her blog, here it is “”.

8.Uma Raghuraman

Uma RaghuRaman is an eminent figure in the world of the food blogging industry and doesn’t need any introduction. She is passionate about cooking and sharing her skills, recipes, and tips via her blog “”. The appetizing recipes and photos on her blog are enough to make you feel hungry at the same time will inspire you to learn cooking.

9.Richa Hingle

If you are a vegan, planning to go vegan, or a carnivore who also loves to eat vegan food, then the blog own by Rich Hingle could be the best place to look for the best vegetarian cooking tips. She inspires and encourages her readers and followers to adopt a healthy and organic eating lifestyle through her blog “”.

10.Nandita Iyer

Here is another vegan food blogger who is doing blog curating since 2006 and love to share her best cooking and health tips. She was residing in the US working as a strategic planner in a healthcare firm. Back in 2006 after returning to Mumbai, she started her blog “” and over these years her blog has grown to one of the top food blogging websites. 

Vegetarian food could be enough tempting and mouth-watering if you know the best tips to use the ingredients and Nandita is the person who can help you do the same in a much better and easier way. 

11.Sailaja Gudivada

The Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh based food blogger has a lot of food stories to tell. She is a housewife and a food enthusiast who keeps herself busy cooking delicious food for her family and sharing the experience and making tips with her readers. She says that she had learned cooking from her mother and her grandmother. 

If you are fond of South Indian cuisine and want to cook them in your kitchen too, Sailaja’s Blogposts aka “” will be proved really helpful for you. She prepares both vegan and non-vegetarian food items so it would be easy for you to follow her tips regarding your choice and taste.

12.Kavitha Ramaswamy

India consists of the largest population of vegetarians and that’s why you will find many vegan food bloggers. Kavitha is also one of them who share tips on making vegetarian dishes even more delicious and tempting. If you are a vegetarian and struggling to find some best vegan recipes then the blog owned by Kavitha Ramaswamy the “” could be the best possible solution.

13.Adarsh Munjal

The entry of a book in this list and the title owner is none other than the famous food blogger Adarsh Munjal. He got himself a fork and knife tattoo which resembles how much he is passionate about cooking. This food critic, writer, and entrepreneur is currently residing in the megacity Mumbai and sharing his best cooking tips through his unique blog named “”.


The guy behind the wonderful food blog “” is Rudra. As per Rudra, he is lives to eat and loves to help others in mastering amazing cooking skills. He also had a wanderer soul and spends a lot of time exploring new places and cuisines. He is very helpful and has great interacting skills. He shares his best-tried tips with his followers and helps them a lot with learning cooking.


Priyanjana is also the part of the blog owned by Rudra. The food preferences of both of these individuals are different which makes their blog different from others and adds more diversity to it. This diversity has made their blog one of the top food blogging websites in India.

16.Archana Doshi

One of the oldest food enthusiasts, Archana is doing food blogging since 2007. Her cooking tips are so effective and easy it can make it possible for a newbie to cooking their favorite dishes. Her blog “” had become a prominent food discovery website over the years. This particular is enough inspiring it empowers the readers to do cooking easily no matter whichever the recipe or cuisine is.

17.Dassana Amit

Dassana Amit is another vegan food blogger on the list and shares her cooking skills via her cooking journal named “”. She is one of the oldest and prominent Indian food bloggers and doing it since 2009. Other than food blogging she also writes on spirituality and lifestyle publishes them on another website.

Dassana does most of her website work including content creation, designing, coding, layout, etc along with her husband Amit who helps her in other technical tasks. They have shared more than 1800 vegan recipes to their readers during these 11 years of blogging journey and more to come.


Here is the grand entry of Konkani recipes with the blog “”. This food journal is owned by Shilpa who pin down the cooking tips, ideas, and recipes of her mother and that’s why she named the blog aayisrecipes because in Konkani language aayi stands for mother. 

Shilpa herself loves to cook and credits her mother for all of her cooking skills. A software engineer by profession and a foodie by soul, Shilpa’s blog has become a great platform for food enthusiasts and learners over the years.

19.Nidhi Kandari

This girl owns one of the most unique blog names and that’s PapiPaet. Nidhi Kandari is currently residing in the USA but her affection for Indian cuisine and food had never faded. She is also a traveler who had visited a lot of destinations throughout the world and also shares her travel experience, local cuisine, travel, and food guide, etc. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter where she actively provides some of the best and tried cooking tips and recipes.

20.Karthik Gandhi

A gastronome and foodie, Karthik found his blog “” in 2012. He has done most of his studies in the USA and is currently based in his home city Hyderabad, India. During pursuing his gastronomy, he has been exposed to thousands of cuisines from all over this blue planet. 

He loves to experiment a lot with food and various cuisines and it has become a daily ritual of his life. Karthik also spends time connecting with his readers and followers through his blogs and social media accounts.

Bottom Line:

Someone has said that “the love for food is purer than other kinds of loves” and that’s no doubt completely true. India has been the epicenter of cuisine for ages and nowadays Indian food bloggers are nourishing the rich heritage using the digital platform which makes it easier for them to connect with people no matter if they are residing on just opposite sides of the globe. 

I have featured some of the top Indian food bloggers on this list who are doing a great job in strengthening India’s position in the world food industry. Their exceptional work is worth sharing with my readers and that’s what I am doing by teaming them here.

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