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1. What Are Indian Sweets Called?

In India sweets are called as Mithai

2. What Are The Most Popular Indian Sweets?

Gulab Jamun, Kaju Kathili, Motichoor Laddu, Besan Laddu, Badhusha, Tapeswaram Kaja and Malai Burfi are some of the most well known Indian sweets.

3. Are Indian Sweets Healthy?

Indian sweets online in USA are generally milk- based. So these cannot be considered as bad for health. If you want more healthy version of Indian sweets, opt for sugar free sweets.

4. Are Barfi Indian Sweets?

Yes. Barfi are generally milky white in color and so got the name barfi from the Hindi word barf (meaning snow).

5. Can I Buy Indian Sweets Online?

Yes. You can get Indian sweets to USA online

6. How To Keep Indian Sweets Order Online Fresh?

Refrigerate the sweets for longer shelf life.

7. What Are The Favorite Sweets Of India?

Gulab Jamun, Kaju Kathili, Motichoor Laddu, Malai Barfi and Jalebi are some of the most popular Indian sweets.

8.Can I Get Gift Packed Indian Sweets Online Order?

Yes. We deliver sweets in gift boxes and can even add personalized messages on your request.

9. What Is The National Sweet Of India?

Jalebi is the national sweet of India. It is made with wheat flour and comes with a filling of sugar syrup.

10. Can I Get Free Delivery Of Indian Sweets?

We provide free delivery of Indian sweets across USA and Canada on bulk orders.