6 Ways To Monetize Your Blog & Make Money from Food Blogging

You have awesome blog with great content and good traffic, Now time to make money with blog. Your blog started to get good traffic and unique visitors but having hurdles to make money blogging.
You already seen some blogger update their earning proofs every month. Hundreds of them earn $1000+ a month. Is it possible to make money thousands of dollars with blog?
Our answer is: yes, it is possible to make money with your blog, even more than $1000 per month. It is depends very much on language, If blog is in English obviously more earning and if blog is in regional language might be low earning, actually I have no idea icon wink Best Earning Ways from a Blog . So what are the best options?
If the blog is in English the opportunity to earn large sums but we intend to cover this topic in the article.

1. Affiliate

Most beloved means of advertising is the method of affiliation. Obviously, the method is beloved by those who advertise. What is the mechanism: posters blog ads or links and if someone click on them and buy something on the site then you earn money (usually a percentage of the sale). In other words: you send buyers commission, just send visitors do not win anything.
The main feature of this type of advertising, widespread outside, is the lack of any risk that they advertise as only pays the result. If you want to try this type of advertising can begin with local affiliate program. Besides there are many such sites but most not many programs (e.g web hosting, pay per lead etc.).

2. Paid Content (advertorials)

Many times an article well done is more effective than a huge flash banner. People marketers have realized this and have begun to direct attention to items paid on blogs. The advantage of paying such a claim is that readers of Article receiving your message because they trust that blog. The advantage is that you make your blog content, content is indexed by Google and thus increase your traffic.
Warning: If you overdo paid post, you might be lose your loyal readers trust that is most important asset.

3. Direct Ads

For you direct advertising option may be the most profitable. We propose to display a banner that pays a sum of money depends on weekly, monthly or per thousand impression. Obviously this is where your negotiating skills.
The higher you produce good content, so you’ll get more money from direct advertising.
You can not sit and wait for someone to fall from heaven to want ads on your site. You identify potential customers and contact their marketing department.
If you blog a simple page that says “if you want advertise on this site write an email to ….” you are not helpful to bag a ads for your blog.
Maybe only if you are a very large Blogging afford to wait for customers.
When contacting a customer be careful in formulating email (grammatical, semantic, etc.). First contact is the most important. If a potential customer the first time you refused because you considered unprofessional can hardly be persuaded to invest in your blog even after you get “high”.
One of the secrets of direct advertising is to have your blog at least a banner from a major customer for your niche. Provides a very good price for your first customer or make them an offer for free. Why this strategy? The answer lies in human behavior: nobody wants to be first to buy something.
Usually sold direct banner for a period of time (price per month). This method gives you financial security but comes with risks for both you and your client: any evolution of traffic (up or down) brings a sense of loss or gain. If traffic falls customer will think that losing money if traffic grows you will think that you could ask for more money.
If your traffic drops immediately offer the customer a bonus (one week free, an extra banner or advertorial). In this way your client will appreciate the accuracy of which give evidence and will continue to invest in you. If your traffic increases should not jump immediately to tell him it would be appropriate to give you more money. Renegotiation to do with tact and diplomacy.
How much money should ask for a banner? Average paid $10 per thousand impressions. So the traffic of 1,000 hits per day right price would be $10 x 30 days = $300 per month. Depending on the client, the position of banner, banner size, number of banners on the site and length of contract can go up to a 50% discount.

4. Paid to click ads

When you say to click ads pay almost everyone thinks of AdSense. But you should know that there are two other local networks that make competitive solution to Google. The first is bidvertiser and the second is in text ads. The two local networks have a more strange selection of websites so that they may surprise you not be accepted.
In-text ads display with keywords in your articles text appear underlined in green. If someone click on these links Special earn money. Words underlined method is more effective than banners (in terms of clicks) but mind you stronger readers. When you click on a link to something you expect to have about the subject rather than an advertisement.

5. Paid Links

Sites are willing to pay money to post a link to your blog. It’s called SEO campaign and aims to “bounce” a site in the results displayed by search engines (such as Google). If you Google page rank is more than three can reach more than $ 20 per month for each link at blogroll.
It is a quick and easy way to make money but did not recommend it because Google can penalize you if you catch it. And, believe me, is likely to get you …

6. Ebooks

Selling ebooks are most popular way to make money by promoting on your blog by making post. First you need to create a ebook related to niche blog. Offer ebook less than $10 and for all edition e.g kindle, pdf etc. You can promote your book at other sites to increase more earning like amazon, ebay etc.
Whichever method you choose to monetize, first you have to watch the content of the blog.
1. Try to publish as many articles and find more interesting topics.
2. Do not be discouraged if the traffic seems to have stood still. Write further and not abandon the fight
3. Find a site layout that is consistent with your blog.

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